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Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: hannigram or fem!hannigram

"I don’t find you that interesting."
"You will."

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  • Cullen and Mage Inquisitor fighting back to back
  • Mage Inquistor protecting the commander with barriers and fires
  • Cullen protecting the Inquistor with sword and shield
  • Both already exhausted and tired, but with a familiar heat at their backs
  • Cullen and Mage Inquisitor setting an example for the future, breaking old prejudices, joining forces
  • (•◡•)
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hips don’t lie by oxford university’s all male choir



I am quite happy for these guys to be in charge of things in a couple of years

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Rose by overflow8

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Random Dragon Age: Inquisition headcanon - 

Skyhold boasts the finest spirits, the rarest vintage wines - gifts and acquisitions alike, the bottles arranged so that any light striking their polished forms paints the entire dining room in amber shadows.

He rotates his wrist, the merest flicker of dexterous movement, and watches the whiskey cling to the inner arc of his glass. The legs are thick, slow to abate. “Quality stuff,” he mutters, before taking a tentative sip.

That mere taste is complexity. It’s wood-smoke and burnt wheat, vanilla and citrus, heat and sugar. It’s every outdoor marketplace with spices clogging the air and clinging to the tongue. It’s a remote camp on a mountaintop and the bonfire circle under the stars. It’s the salt spray and honey scent of a pirate making an exit, a Champion on her arm, lips curled with gloating mischief.

It’s too refined, too nuanced for his palate - a richness he can’t afford, a prize he hadn’t won or earned. And while it doesn’t carry the faint reek of tar and piss, or taste of sawdust and caramel left too long on the flame, the dram is thick enough with ghosts and the teasing hints of a darkened dive, of the makeshift home he’ll never see again.

Not as it was, at least. Not as it should be.

He puts the glass down gently and pushes it away, barely touched.

"It’d be a waste not to drink that," Sera remarks.

Varric smiles ruefully, feels the tightness around his eyes. “The lies just don’t taste the same any more.”

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Free paper for CA2  (comic event in Thailand) 

sorry for my poor english U_U;

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Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones. But you still have to choose. 
   Now shut up and give me some planets.

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