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Aaaagh it is finally done months after I forgot about this picture.
I felt like Anna when I started this picture, now I think I’m more like Kristoff (in term of expressions).

But gosh I’m just glad it’s done now even if I rushed it quite a bit v_v;;

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screencap memecharles xavier + up close and personal
(requested by hauksbee)

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You probably can’t even remember where you got that face from!

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“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart.” - Fyodor Dostoevsky

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just one mistake 
is all it will take 
we’ll go down in history 
remember me for centuries

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Keep blocking your thoughts, Clara.

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Talk about guilt. Try looking the parents of your mate in the eye and having them think you’re a hero when really you’re a fake and a liar. I told Lisa’s parents, I told everyone, that I’d run out of bullets. And I hadn’t run out of bullets. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on my own brother. Rabid rotter or not, I couldn’t do it.

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I am actually incapable of listening to The Confrontation without cracking up

I lose it at “all I did was sTEAL - SOME - BREAD

every time

in other news I drew valjean coming at javert with a giant breadstick

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