spectre or N7?

N7 is the vocational code in the Systems Alliance military. The “N” designates special forces and the “7” refers to the highest level of proficiency. It applies to marines who have graduated from the Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program. Initially, candidates train for more than 20 hours per day, leading small combat teams through hostile terrain with little sleep or food. Trainees who do well are rewarded an internal designation of N1 and are invited to return. Subsequent courses - N2 through N6 - are often held off-planet and include instruction in zero-G combat, military free-fall (parachuting), jetpack flight, combat diving, combat instruction, linguistics, and frontline trauma care for human and alien biology. The highest grade of training, N6, provides actual combat experience in combat zones throughout the galaxy. If the trainee survives these scenarios in “admirable and effective fashion”, he or she finally receives the coveted N7 designation. N7 is the only ICT designation that may be worn on field or dress uniforms.

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Zoe Saldana for Flare Canada Magazine January 2014

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Title: Defying Gravity
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DEFYING GRAVITY A CAPPELLA. BY BOYS. By the Washington University Stereotypes. Just bought it on iTunes, and had to share. Fuck, I love this song.

… What is this eargasm i’m having?!

I reblogged me after two seconds

I didn’t even get to the lyrics before reblogging.


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What is the most exciting thing we learn about Xavier?

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The Mass Effect Cosplay Initiative (Set 2/?) (1)

Luciano Costa, Kaidan’s face model

Kimberly Brooks, Ashley’s voice actor

Rana McAnear, Samara / Morinth face model

Keythe Farley, Thane’s voice actor

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here to the end of the line

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BUT look at his face


so proud of his new shield and then peggy shoots him


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Dammit, man, I’m a doctor, not a torpedo technician!
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